The Kisi Basic Controller is the central hardware unit that enables you to access your doors with the Kisi system. It is part internet router, part access control system. This article only applies to the Kisi Basic Controller. If you have a Kisi Pro Controller, please head over to the article link at the bottom of this page.

Overview of the Kisi Basic Controller

Here’s a quick look at the hardware; this information will come in very handy when you might need to troubleshoot minor problems with your device.

  • The USB Mini Port powers the Kisi Basic Controller.
  • The Electric Imp Chip is a white chip that lets the Kisi Controller connect to your wifi network.
  • The LED Light Indicator is located to the right of the power plug inside the Kisi Controller. The color of the light on it indicates the status of the wifi connectivity of your Kisi Controller.
  • The four relays in each Kisi Controller connect to one door. This connection is what allows Kisi to open or close a circuit, which opens a door.


If you are looking for information on the Kisi Pro Controller, go here.