If you have set up your Kisi system to the point where you get a ‘successful’ message upon unlock but the door does not open, please read below.


Loose Wires in the Kisi Controller

Look inside your KISI gateway, and you see two wires running into the dry contacts (the blue or green ports) on your relay (the small white or green block in the Kisi unit). Whenever there are fewer than two wires, it means that a wire came loose and needs to be reconnected to the correct port. If you do not feel comfortable reattaching your wires, please email us at support@getkisi.com or call us at 646-663-4880 and press 2 for the Support Team.  If you feel comfortable inserting the loose wire back into the Kisi device, you can follow the process below.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the KISI device and the power supply for your electronic lock. Next, you’ll need to check to see what type of door lock you are using. Whenever your door utilizes a magnetic lock, the wires should go into Normally Close (NC) + Common (COM) ports. If your door uses an electric strike, the wires should go into the Normally Open (NO) + Common ports (COM). The diagram below shows you where the different ports can be found on each relay.

KISI Gateway hardware - inside v2

If there are no loose or free wires inside your Kisi device, make sure the wires are firmly in their respective ports. You can check to make sure the small screws above the ports are screwed all the way down with a small screw driver.


Broken Relay

To check for a broken relay, unlock your door again from the Kisi mobile app and listen for a click inside of the Kisi Controller. If the relay is broken, no click will be heard in the hardware. Please try this a few times to make sure you do not hear the click. 

The easiest fix is to switch your wires to another relay, then log unto the Kisi Admin Dashboard and switch your Door’s channel to the new Channel that you put the wires in. Make sure to unplug the Kisi device as well as your electric locking hardware before you make any changes.

If there are no other relays available to switch to, contact us at suppport@getkisi.com or 646-663-4880 and press 2 for Support.


Broken Wire Inside the Cable

When your wire is broken or faulty inside the cable, you will have to conduct a continuity test for this. If you have an electric strike, you can change the wire from Normally Open to Normally Closed. Your door should continuously stay open because you are now delivering power to it constantly. So, if the door is not open, there may be a broken wire. If you have a magnetic lock, do just the opposite. Take the wire from Normally Closed and insert it into Normally Open. Now, your door should be open at all times, except for when you trigger Kisi. When you trigger Kisi, your door should lock for three seconds.

Since there are usually 5-6 wires in your cable (all color coded), we’ll need to send someone to switch the wires that are being used. Please contact us at support@getkisi.com or 646-663-4880 and press 2 for Support.