To troubleshoot common hardware problems, the first thing you should be familiar with are the terms we will be using throughout the article. You can review the terms here.

Disconnected Power Source

When your Kisi hardware is unresponsive, the first thing you should check all of your electrical connections. There is a possibility that your device is not connected properly at these 3 points: mini USB connector to the port inside the Kisi hardware, USB connector to USB transformer, and lastly the transformer to the power outlet. If an amber LED light starts blinking inside your hardware once you reconnected the 3 points, it means your device is now functional and ready to be blinked up.

No Power for the Outlet

Your power outlet may be faulty or dead. To check if this is the case, we suggest you use a different device to check your power outlet. If the power outlet is dead, please use a different outlet.

Faulty Electric imp

If nothing in the hardware lights up after you ran the first two checks, the Electric Imp chip may be faulty. Send us an email at to let us know, and we will arrange to have it replaced for you.

If you cannot find the problem you are trying to fix here, do read our other troubleshooting article here.