In order to leverage the power of the Kisi Reader  tap-to-unlock feature, you may need to change a few phone settings.

For iPhone Users

  • Bluetooth must be enabled.
  • Location services must be enabled – you can choose to share your Location: Never, Only While Using the App, or Always. If a user sets their location to:
    • ‘Never’ – tap to unlock is disabled.
    • ‘Only While Using the App’ – the mobile app must be open and on your screen.
    • ‘Always’ – tap to unlock will always work, regardless if the app is opened, running in the background, or closed.
  • A quick way to diagnose any issue is to select the button in the bottom right corner of your Kisi App screen. It will be either red, yellow, or green. From there, you can diagnose which setting needs to be changed.

For Android Users

  • Your phone screen must be unlocked.
  • NFC must be enabled.
  • There is an NFC antenna in each Android, but they can be located in different places. Your NFC antenna must be in contact with the Reader.

Andriod - NFC Antenna

Reader Activation

If you are an Admin and need your Reader activated, please click here. Activation should not be done by a normal user, and only needs to be done once.