Powering the Kisi Pro Controller

The Kisi Controller only requires 5V to run operate. However, it can handle up to 24V as well. We include a power supply in your hardware shipment, which has a selectable voltage feature. If you are only powering your Kisi controller with this power supply, and not the locks themselves, then you should select the 12V option. If you are using the power supply to power the board as well as your locks, set the voltage level to match the voltage of your locks. So, if you have 24V locks, select 24V on the power supply.

How to power the Control Board: Locate the Power Input (pictured below). The input ports are detachable for convenience. Insert your positive lead (typically red or white) into the left terminal. Insert your negative lead (typically black) into the right port. Connect the detached piece of the port to the board, as pictured.


Powering the Kisi Pro Controller.

Powering Electric Locks

If you are using Wet Contact (powering locks via the board’s power supply), the board can handle up to 4 amps being pulled through it at once. So, if you have four maglocks all pulling 1A, you can connect all four via wet contact. Additionally, if you have two electric strikes each pulling 2A, you can use them both via wet contact. However, if you have three electric strikes each pulling 2A, you will short out the power input on the board and it will be unusable.

If you are using Dry Contact (powering the locks via an external power supply), Kisi relays can handle up to 240V each, so you should not have any problems with shorting out your Kisi relays.