This integration with would allow automated provisioning and de-provisioning of access rights (keys) for the members in your space.
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How To Set Up The Nexudus Access Provisioning Automation

Step 1: Activate Kisi integration on Nexudus Management Software

Email and request for the integration to be activated.


Step 2: Set up your Kisi Membership Groups

Log into your Kisi account and choose the location that you would like to set up.

Create Kisi membership groups to align with your Nexudus memberships and the physical doors which members have access to in your space.

If you may pursue multiple-city functionality, you will be interested in taking this step further by creating a unique identifier, specific to a particular location and membership; i.e. ‘Trastevere, Rome – Office Membership’.


Step 3: Get the Kisi API token

To set up the automation, you need a Kisi API token for your master or parent account.

To obtain the API token, just log into your admin account on and click on ‘My account’ on the top right. Choose Logins. Scroll down to the section ‘My API Tokens’ and add an API key if you do not have one. Once done, just copy the key generated; you will need this in Step 5.


Step 4: Set up your Nexudus Account

All of the members in your space should be assigned a price plan. Each of these price plans is linked to a specific time pass, which is linked to an appropriate Kisi membership group.

The Kisi integration is based on Time Passes, so make sure you choose “Use Time Passes” when creating the price plan.

Nexudus Integration - Price Plans

Go into your price plan. Under the time passes tab in each price plan, select from the list of available time passes. Then, select the number of passes to include (i.e. number of days they can enter the office) and how often is the plan renewed. Kisi keys will be deleted once all time passes expire, and reissued when the plan is renewed.

  • If you want to give unlimited access, the simplest option is to add one time pass a day as part of the plan.

Nexudus Integration - Time Passes

Step 5: Connect Nexudus to Kisi

In the Nexudus management software, look for ‘Space Settings’ and click on ‘Integrations’ on the left side menu. Once there, scroll all the way down to find the Kisi section. You will have to enable the Kisi integration and paste in the API token from step 3.

Nexudus Integration - Space Settings

You will be brought to the page shown below. Here, you can configure the Kisi integration to match time pass types with Kisi groups. This will define which members get which type of Kisi keys.

Nexudus Integratiion - Kisi Settings


Step 6: Test the Integration

As long as the member has time passes, their Kisi keys will be valid. Once the passes are used, their keys will be revoked.

Once a new member is added, an email should automatically arrive in the members’ inbox! Please allow up to 30 minutes for the first key to be shared.


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