How to unlock a door

iOS Devices When you open the app, you should see one or more large circles on the screen. These circles will be labeled with the name of each door you have access to. Press and hold the circular button until it turns green and gives you an ‘unlocked’ message. Android Devices When you open the […]

Introducing Kisi for new users

If you are one of the new users of the Kisi system, chances are your office manager directed you to this site. Here, you will find everything you need to know about how to use Kisi as one of our new users.

Do not have any keys

If you have signed into Kisi, but do not have any keys to open any doors, there are few explanations. No keys issued or access was deleted It is possible that you were not issued a key from your admin. Or, your admin may have deleted your key. Please reach out to your admin directly […]

Successful unlock, door remains locked

When you have a successful unlock (lock button turns green) and your door does not open, make sure listen carefully for a click sound when you unlock your door. Push (or pull) the door within 2 seconds of tapping your Kisi lock, and repeat a couple of times to make sure you didn’t miss it. However, […]

How to switch between Places

When you log in, the first screen you will see shows the locks for the one Place only. If you have access to another Kisi-enabled Place, you’ll need to navigate to the second Place. To do that, if you are on an iPhone, tap the name of your current Place at the bottom of the […]

Troubleshoot a user unlock error

If your Kisi locks return you an orange button after activation, you have received an unlock error. First, make sure that your phone is receiving an internet signal. If the internet working, the error could either be due to bad internet connection. However, it is possible that certain restrictions are placed on your user account, denying you access. […]

Troubleshoot an unlock error

Troubleshoot Unlock Errors for Android Phones    Troubleshoot Unlock Errors for iPhones   Troubleshoot – General Kisi Key returned Red/Orange (online but unlock is unsuccessful) To troubleshoot, please make sure your phone is receiving an internet signal. If your internet is turned on but you receive a red button during unlock, it could be due to bad internet […]

Signup for Kisi

If you received an email that says that you have been granted Kisi access to your office, it means that you can now signup for Kisi and unlock your office doors using your smartphone! Signup process Go to our login page and press ‘New to Kisi? Sign up!’ Enter your information and press submit You will […]

I forgot my password

When you try to reset your account password from the Kisi mobile app, you should receive an email redirecting you to the login page. If the reset email does not show up, please try to reset your password again, but this time from the web application. Just navigate to the login page and select ‘Forgot Password?’ Enter your […]

Invalid Email Error during registration

There is a simple solution if you are receiving an invalid email error during registration. The Kisi App does not allow users to register their email unless it is completely alphanumeric after the @ symbol. This means that any email with punctuations or symbols will have problems registering an account on the phone itself. Instead, […]

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