Activate Kisi Pass

Once a Kisi Pass has been issued to a user, the Kisi Pass needs to be activated before it can be used. How to activate a Kisi Pass The user who was assigned the Pass will receive an email from In that email, there is a button that the user needs to press. Once […]

Installing the Kisi Pro Reader

This is a guide for you (or your installer) with step by step instructions for installing the Kisi Pro Reader (KPR). Here is an overview of how the Pro Reader connects to your infrastructure: You see that the ethernet wires do NOT need to run back to the control panel – they just need to […]

Connect Kisi Pro Reader to your Network

IMPORTANT: You need to complete this step prior to installing and mounting the reader. The Kisi Pro Reader can connect to a network via ethernet or wifi networks. You can also connect to both types of networks, as opposed to choosing one over the other. Whichever network you connect to first will act as the primary […]

Setup Kisi Pro Reader

This is a step by step guide to walk you through the pre-installation setup of the Kisi Pro Reader. Pre-installation Setup You must associate the Kisi Pro Reader (KPR) to 1) your Kisi user account 2) your Kisi Place and 3) the Kisi Door you want it to control. Associate your Pro Reader to your […]

Power Requirements for Kisi Pro Reader

The Kisi Pro Reader can be powered one of two ways. Power over Ethernet This option allows you to provide both power and network connectivity to the Kisi Pro Reader. To power the Pro Reader, run an ethernet cable from the Pro Reader’s ethernet port to either a POE-enabled access point or the POE port on […]

Transfer a Place on the Admin Dashboard

An admin of the place might need to transfer the place to another user for different reasons. You can now do this on the Kisi admin dashboard. This only applies for Master admins. Click on Settings and then on Place. Scroll down and you should see ‘Transfer Place’. Input the email of the person you want […]

Integrate With Optix

The Optix integration is divided into 2 parts. Part 1: setting up the API integration. Part 2: setting up a plan in Optix that connects with Kisi. In this integration Kisi manages the door access and Optix handles the payment of the space rent. *Keep in mind that Optix only uses groups – so user […]

Integrate with Croissant

With this integration, Security Verified Croissant members can access the space any time which can increase the average Croissant Partner monthly payout by 2-3x. With Croissant connected to Kisi, you can: Dictate operating hours members will have access to your space Enable your workspace to generate revenue 24/7 Easily create passive income for your workspace […]

Integrate with Ring Doorbell

Connect your Ring Doorbell to your Kisi system to see who is at your front door and let them in from anywhere in the world. With Ring connected to Kisi, you can: Easily see who is at your door and tap the Kisi button to unlock the door Create a 24/7 virtual front desk for […]

Wired reader power requirements

The Kisi wired reader requires at least 5V to function. However, it can handle up to 24V. If you give it more than 24V, the reader will break.

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